I seem to be updating this site once a year as far as news, and hope to have new images from cleared work coming soon. So much is still legally held private, especially the film work. I'm off to do a seminar in Mexico city at Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, and am signing into a seminar in Hollywood coming up on June 21st called CGcon that was created by the same man who ran the ADAPT seminar series in Montreal. I am currently working on mixed projects, one of which is Iron Man 2, a theme park for sustainability, gaming, and teaching back at the ol' Art Center in Pasadena. It looks like I am setting up with some new pals in Santa Barbara to go to burning man. I also am slated to have a gallery showing in August at Gnomon's gallery in Hollywood with new and older work ranging from oil paintings, sketches, and digital works. chowder mg 1/5/09 MORE NEWS